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Vishwaradhya Cancer Hospital & Research Institute

Vishwaradhya Cancer Hospital and Research Institute (VCHRI) is an advanced Cancer Care Centre that strongly believes prevention is the best medicine to curb number of cancer cases in the country. A strong research and development team is working to support specialists to cure the patients. VCHRI is located in Davangere – which is popularly known as Bennenagari and known for its quality education hub.

Vishwaradhya cancer hospital

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Thanks to Radixact Treatment Delivery System for its refined x-ray beam line and a distinguished high -speed multi-leaf collimator, combined with fast ClearRTTM helical fan-beam kVCT imaging which support oncologists in diagnosing the cancer with at most accuracy.

A cutting edge innovation helps to treat patients and also a great ray of hope for starting the second innings of life.

It is an integrated platform for integrated treatment with the centralized data management and ultra-precise treatment delivery of SBRT and IMRT treatments.

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